I am pleased to be able to offer a vast variety of lots and land for sale here in Panama.  For people with aspirations big and small, I have something listed for everybody.  Mountain lots, beachfront land with development potential, and large plots of mountain property with ocean views.  


I try to keep my land listings organized on www.landwatch.com.  By clicking on the link below, it should take you most of my exclusive land for sale in Panama.



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So those 2 pointy towers I have been driving by for the last year are finally ready and delivered.  Remax Beaches & City has a listing in Santa Clara Residences, so I was fortunate enough to get a first hand look today.  


Wow!!  Not only is the building beautiful, but the area.  If you loved the beach, and the area of the Decameron Resort, then Santa Clara Residences really is worth considering.  Still just a jet ski away from the popular island situated off the coast in front of Decameron Resort, this development leaves you with a feeling of familiarity when staring into the distance from the large balconies.  As soon as you walk into the welcoming lobby, you can feel the exclusive luxury that the designers have strived to portray.  Bright, rich, airy, and so different from any other building you are going to see on your condo tour of the beaches.


The pool and social areas have been well thought out, catering to your every need, with bar service, consierge, and much more.  Security is never an issue, with a gate at the highway entrance, and the entrance to the parking lot.  There is even a large control room inside and above the lobby with cameras monitoring what is yours.  The road leading in is freshly paved, and the security gate is not only functional, but a work of art, standing guard over the kids play area, and the driving range.  Mom and Dan can hit some balls and keep the kids safely entertianed with no effort.


I took a more than ample amount of photographs that you can enjoy here:








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You are never alone in Panama.  Let me tell you, I wish I had a list of every Canadian that is currently spending 6 months or more in Panama every year.  It would be large.  


I have so many clients that feel so alone when making the move to Panama.  The truth is, there are so many of us down here that it is really unbelievable.  Every Canadian down here has done it.  Every Canadian down here is doing it, and they are very happy to help you do it too.  Information is fine, and there is a ton of it, but experience is another thing, and us Canadians have it.


Here are some groups you can join, and some other imformation sources.  Facebook pages are awesome for poking around and finding the people who are doing it.














These are just a few places where one can network, and ask questions in order to gain the perspectives of those of us who have done it, and wouldn't you know it?  Canadians are always happy to give you their story!!


Another great thing to consider, is that even after you have made the move, you don't have to be a pioneer.  You can ask a fellow Canadian what the best way to get a driver's license is, or how to import that car.  Many people have made great Panamanian contacts who can get things done much quicker than you, doing it for the first time.



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