I have wiritten other blogs on how much it rains during the rainy season, but I am going to give a more broad scope in this post.


Wondering where to be to stay out of the rain?  Here it is:  http://www.atozmapsdata.com/zoomify.asp?name=Country/Modern/Z_Panama_Precip


This link actually shows that the area of David, Boquete, Bocas Del Toro, and generally most of the area of Panama on the Carribean side of Panama and the western area of Panama closest to Costa Rica see just over 8 feet of rain every year.  There are a lot of Americans and some Canadians near David and Boquete, but it is not an area I recommend if you dislike the rain.  


Panama City:


Panama City is a great place to be located, especially if you are living here with a greater need for affordable health care.  Although the city isn't quite first world yet, it is rapidly on it's way, and one can find a rental here for under 800.00/mo if one chooses to.  It is close to hospitals and everything is available here.  There is nothing that I can find in Canada that is not available in Panama City, including Clamato!!  The rainfall is around half of what David can expect in a year, and that is almost as good as one can get in Panama.


The Pacific Coast Dry Arch:


This region covers pretty much the entire coast of the Gulf of Panama, which in my opinion, is where you want to be, and why I specialise in these two areas, Panama City, and the coasts and drier areas of the Gulf of Panama.  As you can see from the map, Chitre and Las Tablas are very dry, and very HOT!!  If you like hot, this is a great area.  It is relatively undiscovered largely because of it's distance from major airports.  This will change once the new airport is completed near Coronado.


Coronado and the beach areas for near that town are great and is home to many Canadians.  In fact there are entire communities of Canadians living the life and loving it.  Such fun!  It's an area that borders on dry.  It is beautiful for those looking for consistant weather, not much rain, and temperatures averageing around 30 degrees every day.  


Another reason the dry arch is great is that there are mountain communities.  This means that if you wish, you can be away from the hustle and bustle, in a climate boasting average temperatures closer to 25 degrees, still very close to the beach (just down the hill), AND not have to be carrying an umbrella everywhere you go. 


The bottom line is that the Gulf of Panama is a very diverse region, with less rain.  If the rain doesn't bother you, David, Boquete, Bocas Del Toro, are beautiful areas too, but when you consider the size of Panama, and the great infrastructure, you can make a day trip almost anywhere in Panama from your home in Coronado, Gorgona, or Altos Del Maria, so why live in the rain?  


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Until just recently, there were only a few real ways to be able to locate to Panama and be able to work legally.  The first is to marry a citizen, though not advisable for the sole purpose of gaining employment.  Another is to be hired by a national or local company and having that company do the necessary leg work to make you a legal international employee.  The problem with that is that many companies just don't want to bother with the headache, and if they do, it is because you are highly skilled in your field.  The last that I can think of is to start your own company, which can legally make money in Panama.  Again, the problem with that is that you are self employed, which is not for everyone, and there are some limitations as to what type of business you will be able to legally conduct.


Executive order 343 has just been signed in Panama which gives foreigners another option.  First, I want to examine the reason for the new policy.  Mainly, it is the tremendous growth that Panama has been, is, and will continue to experience.  There just are no longer enough Panamanians to fill the vacancies.  Especially in tourism. 


One of the reasons for this is the new airport being built near the Royal Decameron Resort close to Coronado.  This airport will with no doubt, cater largley to English speaking tourists.  Although many Panamanians speak the language, there are not nearly enough of them in the industry that do.  On top of that, with the arrival of the airport comes new resorts, new hotels, new casinos, new housing, new businesses, all needing to cater to English speaking expats and tourists.  This is only one area of Panama.  The entire country is seeing this tourism boom.


Here are just a few things I know about the criterea one will need to meet in order to qualify for the work permit in Executive order 343.  First, you need to live here, and have a utility bill to prove it.  That doesn't mean you have to buy, just rent if buying is out of the question.  You will need to have a 4 figure bank account, about $5000.00, and also be able to support any dependents here with you.  Also, you cannot be a criminal.  They want a criminal record check from your home country and it must be notarized by the Panamanian Consulate to Canada.  In Canada, that means going to your local RCMP station and getting the check, then getting that document notarized by a local notary or lawyer, then sending it to The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, then sending it to the Embassy of Panama in Canada.  That is actually easier than it sounds, message me and I can help.


These are only the steps I know.  The most important step is finding a Panamanian lawyer you can trust.  Mine has been great so far.  Message me if you need a lawyer.  In any case, it is best to come for a visit first to see if you even like the country.  I am a great host and love Canadian visitors as I am largely submersed in Spanish day in and day out.  So get down here!!  Executive order 343 makes it easier than ever for a normal person of working age to come and build a life in paradise!!

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I am finally back at work after my wedding in Chitre.  What a blast it was!!  In Panama there are two ceremonies, legal and religious, mostly Catholic here in Panama, so I was legally wed in June and now we have been wed by God.  


I am now getting an average of 60 new views per day on my site with about 2 of you making contact with me every day.  I am super busy and expect to get more so.  


This is consistent with the many articles circulating in both Canada and Panama that the economies and the real estate markets are on a rebound and will continue to gain steam.  Panama's market is expected to have made a full recovery by 2013, although it was not hit as heavily as Canada, and especially the US as other Latin American coutries kept Panama's market humming along.


It's not hard to see the potential of increasing property values in Panama when you look at all the construction.  Not just the developers, but the government, with the new subway in the city, the widened highway throughout the country and the new airport close to the Decameron Resort.  Wow!!  I can just see a huge jump in prices in that area!!  Right now in Coronado, Gorgona, Santa Clara, and Farallon, one can buy a property for as low as 1000/m2.  Do not expect that to last into 2014!!!


Right now is a perfect time to buy, in fact there are many developers in the city ready to seriously consider any offer AND willing to finance up to 90%.  I expect prices in Panama City to be back at a stable "pay what we are asking or get lost" level by 2014 as well.  As the economy of Canada and the US improve, it only feeds the flame that is burning brightly here in Panama.  Today there are deals!!


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